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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cartoon Virtual Museum

A side project of the Portuguese Printing Press Museum (also badass).

check out their phenomenal cartoon collection and forgive the faulty english, i'd like to see you get by in Portugal you monolingual ape. There's some other pretty amazing stuff on this server if you dig around a bit. Like this site on 9-11 Cartoons.

"This museum exists in the ambit of the International Cartoon Gallery and aims the global dissemination of a set of references to point out the importance of the humour drawing worldwide.

It is still on an experimental phases. This Virtual Cartoon Museum must be seen as a dynamic space which will be extended with personalities, themes, galleries, etc., as time goes by.

Its intention is to valorise the universal language of the cartoon, always aiming at the humour excellence. From the past to the present. Being certain that the human capacity of laughing and making laugh will never end and it is older than the signs that had been left in the pre-historical caverns."


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