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"By lack of understanding they remained sane." -Orwell.................. Our door lies open to all lovers of language. May words enrich your lives and grant you the power to affect physical change upon the universe. This site is staunchly dedicated to the freedom of information, the power of language, the history of literature and the beauty of poetry in the hopes that some turning of the earth will result of our utopian discord. By naming things we remember.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

spent three days digging thru my father's antiquarian collection, the accumulated silt of thirty-plus years between the covers of the book business piled up to ceilings sagging above the weight of these timeless tomes. eyes spent and watering from hours at the screen: one of life's ironies, bibliophiles forced to make their livings staring at quivering electronic screens instead of the soft skins of paper they adore. at times i wonder if it's worth it all. if i wouldn't have a better appreciation for books if I was homeless and drunk in La Honda or Big Sur or even Yakima. But I suppose these thoughts burn daylight, and there are always more books.


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