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Friday, November 25, 2005

Kingdom of Ten Thousand Things, an Impossible Journey from Kabul to Chiapas

This sounds like a topic which deserves more attention than Gary Geddes was able to give it, judging form the tone of several reviews online, but hey, it's hard to write a frickin' book.

"Geddes is tracking fifth-century Buddhist monk Huishen, who, according to the Liang Shu, the records of the Liang Dynasty, was “a monk from Kabul with a strange tale of adventure, a fantastical voyage to and a forty-year sojourn in lands beyond the eastern sea.” The record says nothing about his missionary work beyond the suggestion that he spread the Word. Some, like Geddes, believe that the lands he lived and maybe proselytized in were the Americas."

by Gary Geddes, Harper Collins, 2005 Hardcover, $34.95 ISBN 0-00-200100-4

reviewed by John Harris of Dooney's Cafe, a phenomenal site and story you should invest some time in checking out.


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