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"By lack of understanding they remained sane." -Orwell.................. Our door lies open to all lovers of language. May words enrich your lives and grant you the power to affect physical change upon the universe. This site is staunchly dedicated to the freedom of information, the power of language, the history of literature and the beauty of poetry in the hopes that some turning of the earth will result of our utopian discord. By naming things we remember.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Slap together bookshelves at Target, approx. 3 for $100, twice over now. Boards from Lumberman's, six 6'ers for $46, milk crates swiped and bartered for from gas stations across this bioregion we call Cascadia.

Eamon works his little pitooty off every few weeks and enters another hundred books. I build shelves, push papers and email around, add links to existing websites, shirk duties and responsibilities like a duck dislikes water off its back. Slowly, slowly, we build this empire-to-be. Stay tuned. I will one day hire all the readers of this blog, how's that for a carrot to be dangled in the face of racing life?



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