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Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Tribute To The Best Book Catalog In The World

Okay, so I know all these links are broken now since Loompanics redid their website upon closing, but most of the articles are still available via this page, I'm just too lazy to go back and fix all this html code. R.I.P. Loompanics, thanks for all the books!

Thirty Years of Loompanics Unlimited has left this country a free-er crazier place.

I rustled up some excellent articles & links on Loompanics & wanted to draw some attention to them before the doors close on the most clandestine book publishers/distributors of all time.

Why Corporations Are Not People, And The Unsavory Consequences of Pretending That They Are

Covert Censorship on the Web

How to Escape the Tyranny of the Social Security Number

Which Corporation Owns Your Vote?

“The Undisputed Power of the Jury to Acquit” - The Gutting of the Sixth Amendment

Fake ID After 9-11

Rape in Prison

INDUSTRIAL HEMP: Fiber, Food and Fuel for the Future

Your Car Will Tell On You

Delta Press
Eden Press
New Falcon
Paladin Press
The Libertarian
Ronin Publishing
The Gun Room

Happy terrorizing, hiding, obfuscating and profiting! And if you hurry they've still got a 75% off sale going on!!!


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