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Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Trails in Mexico - Gorgeous Book, hate to part with ones like this but hey, $800 bucks is $800

Dear Sir,
I will do my best to describe this book in detail but my terminology may be somewhat lacking...

This copy has 141 pages with several blank pages following the 141st page

the map is actually bound inbetween the 140th and 141st pages and is in excellent shape beyond some slight discoloration which is typical of such thin paper from this era

I don't know for certain but I do not think that the covers are the original, at least no one else seems to have a copy that matches this one... but they are very professionally done and are obviously nearly as old as the book itself... beautiful leather working, now I don't know how to say this but the covers are only leather over about an inch bordering the spine and the two corners have little leather triangles wrapping them, leaving an area in the middle of each cover like 1/2 a stop sign which is green cloth... i believe that if i am correct in assuming these covers were a custom job then it stands to reason that the gorgeous purple marbled endpapers are also of customized origin but hey, that just makes this baby one of a kind

if you'd like I can e-mail some photos over or post them on one of my sites and you could examine the book for yourself, just give the word

the slipcase I believe was made by a man named John Brunt, one of my father's oldest customers at his store in Walla Walla (of which I am the Western Washington online extention)
the man had a phenomenal western americana collection that he has parted with slowly over the years to my father... unfortunately the internet has devalued a lot of the old antiquarian stuff but some of these gems will never go down in value, anyway, he made the slipcase for it I'm alpost positive and his craftsmanship is superb. almost his entire library of several thousand books came with handmade slipcases

overall size of book is: 6 inches by 9 inches

there are 6 chapters, the titles of which are:

Omaha and the Platte Valley...

Wyoming and the Black Hills...

"Into the American Switzerland"

Westward to Utah

Utah Territory

Northern Utah, Montana and Idaho

and yes, the lengthy summarized chapter descriptions accompany the table of contents

do you have any idea if these covers are original?
let's try the photo thing, I have several blogs I could toss pictures up on easily

kind of strange i just noticed that the table of contents 1st chapter title doesn't match the heading on the facing page... the facing page says To The Rockies Chapter 1 West From the Missouri
don't know if that means anything to you...


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