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"By lack of understanding they remained sane." -Orwell.................. Our door lies open to all lovers of language. May words enrich your lives and grant you the power to affect physical change upon the universe. This site is staunchly dedicated to the freedom of information, the power of language, the history of literature and the beauty of poetry in the hopes that some turning of the earth will result of our utopian discord. By naming things we remember.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

'It's like a book, I think, this blooming world

Which one can read and care for just so long.'

from the title page of 'The Way of a Transgressor' by Negley Farson

the mad rush was foiled by a lack of internet in eastern washington this past weekend hairy what with snow and fog and rains and wine and old friends and older friends becoming friends under my umbrella of words. packed the trailblazer full of books and books-on-tape


hands dusty but nothing, nothing can beat whiskey in a bookstore after hours. as usual my father's store plows onward in its chaotic beautiful waltz, as my hairline, like his, recedes slowly to allow more room for my brain (and ego) to swell. stay tuned on this blog for exclusive reports of the actions, inactions and revelations surrounding the Hungry Hollow Book Tank Project. as for now, i will keep punching ISBNS until the sun rises, wake my daughters and do the morning dance, sell books at Evergreen until early afternoon and then come home to play until early evening. i push books and strollers, therefore i am.


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